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Past Engagements

Leaders in Global Health Series
United Nations Development Programme Ukraine

Four ‘Leaders in Global Health’ workshops for 200 medical college students, with a focus on applying the social determinants of health and intersectionality theory to better serve key populations in eastern Ukraine.

Self-Care or Selfish Care?
Peer Leader Training York University, Trent Residence Life Conference

Award-winning workshop on self-care. Engaged over 500 participants in discussion and healthy debate about self-care as it relates to their roles as student leaders. Students reflect on their concept of self-care and explore the value of a proactive, intersectional, and personality-based approach to stress-mitigation and healing.

Co-founded the youth-for-youth Ascend leadership retreat, with a mandate to develop the leadership skills, self-awareness, and community development knowledge-base that young agents of change need to build just and inclusive societies. Delivered trainings, workshops, and talks on authentic leadership development for over 200 students over 3 years.

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